Heavy Horns

by Dear Ears

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Overthinking 02:34
Just relax, you're overthinking. Whitney: Just settle down, just ease your mind. Just close your eyes, everything will be fine. Ashley: It's not that bad. Whitney: Throw me in the fire and watch me burn. Whitney: Yeah you are overthinking. Leslie: Don't worry, not that bad.
In this world I guess I was kinda movin’ slow and All I hear these days, is everyone can be improving And I feel the same, but I don’t know what I’m doin’ Hoping soon to come, is something way mind blowin’ All I ever think is “what was that?” I’m so dumb, it’s just sad All my actions lead to “what was that?” Becoming human, is harder than I had pictured Cause I always think, who will say “i am with her” I am just a fool, now I know why people use liquor But I don’t want life to seem like one giant blur I don’t know why I’m getting frustrated Over all the small things Acting like I am just truly jaded Gives me this reason to sing But I don’t want that, I just want the simple route Surrounded by tension and nonsense, find me a way out
Wild Thing 03:20
What a mess You came stomping through the wilderness And I could tell you didn't feel your best You'd been out all night Look at you Busy howling at that big full moon Suddenly you don't know what to do Because you miss the light Baby I'll take care of you I know that's not what most people do But your big sharp teeth They don't scare me So darlin just come to my bed Lay down your horns and heavy head Right next to me until morning You wild thing You wild thingggg +++ Tired eyes Turning on and off like fireflies There's no need to tell me pretty lies I won't cage you in Go run free In your world of stars and make believe Pages filled with Things that dreamers dream I'll see you again
Aw Man 03:04
Aw man, Here I go again, Another freaking guy Was this all planned? No maybe he’s the one He looks so familiar Oh yeah that’s right, Of course he has a girl What’s an off and on thing? You’re having just a fling? Should I invest my time What should I bring Maybe just my body, Or maybe my heart Or will you just stop me Before we even start I don’t know why I do this You only know one thing They tell me this is nonsense We could just ignore them Aw man, My nerves get all rattled When you pass by My mind and body battle Debating whether to tell you hi, To tell you I want you, But what if its a lie I go for the challenge Which that you are. But I’m sure by now You find me bizarre But I can’t help it, I feel like a nerd, Yeah you are so damn hip, Its what I prefer Aw man, Here I go again, Acting like a child In front of all your friends Aw man, Here I go again, Can’t get a read on you Can you tell me where you stand Aw man Here I go again
Sorry Ashley 01:18
Whitney: I'm sorry Ashley, I didn't mean to get you sick. I promise that this was just all purely an accident. Soon enough you'll feel so much better that you'll be able to sing with all of us, But in the meantime you can rest 'til you can sing along with this. Ashley: It's ok, I think I feel better than before. It's my chance, now I can sing even more.


Meet Whitney Wilde, Ashley Armstrong and Leslie Laine. Three girls who met through vine and got help from their supporters to meet together in NYC to make this album.


released July 31, 2015

We would first like to thank our supporters! Without you, Ashley wouldn't have been able to come around the time Leslie did, and we wouldn't even have thought to make an album to begin with. You are not only our supporters, but our motivators. Next we would like to thank our family and friends for putting positive energy into what we love to do. Thank you Towner Galaher for taking Ashley and Whitney camping and much more, it got our creative flow going and we came up with a fun song. Thank you Powers for encouraging your employee to be as creative as possible and allowing her to take time off in order to do so.Thank you Jake Horgan for taking our incredible album cover while there were bugs and cars that could have possibly killed us all. Thank you C. Marcus DiMarco for using your headlights to shine on us for the album cover. Thank you Chris Bingham for the feedback during the recording process and helping us out during the photoshoot. Thank you Vine for existing, otherwise we wouldn't have ever met. This has truly been an incredible experience and we hope for more to come soon.


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